Minisaga-Competition am BRG-Viktring


"Colours of Life"

Minisaga Competition 2019 „Colours of Life“

Am 3. Mai 2019 fand im Kellertheater die Ehrung der Gewinner der 3. Minisaga-Competition statt. Eine Minisaga soll in genau 50 Wörtern, ausgenommen Überschrift, eine Geschichte erzählen. Sie darf, muss aber nicht in Reimen verfasst sein.

Aus 30 Einreichungen aller Oberstufenklassen wurden von der Jury, die aus drei Native Speakern bestand, die besten Texte gekürt.

Gewonnen hat dieses Jahr Magdalena Silan aus der 6DM. Die Preisträger wurden mit Buchgutscheinen belohnt.

Vielen Dank der Jury, Ralph Connor (GB), Luke Hatch (GB)und Blake Shedd (USA), herzlichen Dank der 6DM für die musikalische Untermalung, und Gratulation an alle Teilnehmer/-innen, die es den Juroren aufgrund der ausgezeichneten Texte nicht leicht machten, eine Wahl zu treffen. Ganz besonders gratulieren wir den Preisträger/-innen!

Alle Texte finden sind hier nachzulesen, die drei prämierten sind als erste angeführt.

1. Platz: Magdalena Silan, 6DM

Colourful realization

Once he was thinking about something that has been concerning him his whole life.

‘It occurred to me out of the blue!’, he suddenly shouted. ‘This gray area finally cleared up. Now I know why I’m the black sheep in my family: I’m the only one with a green thumb!’


2. Platz: Moritz Winkler, 5C


I awake being surrounded by green woods. Red arrows lead me to a yellow desert. There are doors, one white and one black. It’s just stairs behind the white one, so I pick black. There’s a tunnel I slide down. Then it suddenly stops. Now I must climb up again.


3. Platz: Julie Muntean, 6DM


Silky waves of BROWN hair, framing her slightly BLUSHED face.

Sparkling BLUE, shining from her eyes.

Breathtaking RED on her even more breathtaking lips.

Shining SILVERY gown, flowing down her chest, spine and legs.

But his thoughts were colour blind, unable to appreciate the GLORIOUSLY

COLOURFUL LIFE she radiated.

Colours of life (Elena Schurian 5b)

There are many different groups of colours which were governed by three monarchs called King Red, Queen Yellow and Empress Blue. Every monarch performs witht heir underlining particular tasks. King Red provides for warnings and fights for same rights. Queen Yellow provides for happiness and discovers lies. Empress Blue provides for phantasy, endless wideness and relaxation.


Colours of Life (Lina Sadovnik 5b)

Life could be colorful. No,it should be colorful. It's about love and mourning, hope and fear. Imagine life would be gray. You would be safe, but also lonely. That's not how it should be. Give and take, fall in love and be loved. Live should be colorful. No, it must be colorful.


COLOURS OF LIFE (Evita Mercedes Koletnik, 5e)

Imagine life as a rainbow. We’re born… we see light… experiences in life lead to colours being added… an experience like first love results in RED… the first break-up gives BLUE… in the happiest moments in your life you get YELLOW…The meaning of life might be collecting the colours.


Colours of life (Sam Haag, 6B)

His colours are fading away

Everything seems grey.

What he told the doctors was a lie

He still wants to die.

Because he cannot see the colours anymore

Since you have walked out that door

And you took his closest friend with you

Is there anything worse you could do?



Misconception (Natalia Pacheco, 6dm)

A deep blue sun. Crushing into a bright yellow ocean. An explosion! Green tones all over the sky. Red lightning stars. A shooting star, another one! Passion, love, happiness! Everything is special, different, beautiful and lovely and wonderful and - Stop. 

No, NO! 

Open your eyes.




Colours of life (Anna Komar, 6dm)

Her life was black.

She looked at the water, far below her and thought about her life. And she realized, that it wasn’t always black, there were blue, yellow, green and red moments too.

And in this moment, she decided to change the colour of her life.


A colourful life because of you (Jana Rainer, 6dm)

My life had been green.

I think, when you came it changed pink.

"Yes I do" it became blue,

when it got white, I knew we were right.

Suddenly old, our lifes were gold,

you passed away, my life became grey,

now it is black because you never came back.


Colours of life (Julia Mori, 6e)

An old couple sat on a bench. “Time flies, I have the impression I wasted almost all my life on working”, the old man complained. “You always see things just black and white, think about the happy moments, experiences and journeys which made our life so colourful”, answered his wife.


Colours of life (Monika Zechner, 6e)

An office worker had the same working routine in his life. Go to work until late night and go home. One day while he was going home he met a group of partypeople. They asked him why he was dressed in white-black and he asked why they were dressed colourfully.


Colours of life (Laura Katharina Strutz, 6e)

In the spring, our world shines in an emerald glow. In summer, the cornfield sparkles in a golden hue. In autumn, you see the trees and the colourful leaves that radiate. In winter, the environment is covered in a silver sheen of ice and snow. The world is always beautiful.


Colours of life (Schmid Magdalena, 6e)

I am sitting in the hospital. Next to me sits a woman. She just gave birth to a pretty girl. On the left I see a young boy with a broken arm. An older lady stands up and picks up her medications. The door opens. An old man passed away.

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